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Introducing Electro Fixr - Your Premier Destination for Electric Car Excellence and Peace of Mind!

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Embrace the electric vehicle revolution with confidence at Electro Fixr. Located in Lebanon’s bustling hub, we are your go-to experts for top-notch electric car care. Our dedicated team specializes in comprehensive EV maintenance and provides extended warranty insurance, guaranteeing a seamless and stress-free driving experience for you. Join us on the road to a greener future with unrivaled peace of mind! to ensure your driving experience remains worry-free.

Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing top-notch service, catering exclusively to electric vehicles. With the ever-growing popularity of electric cars, we understand the unique needs and challenges that come with them. Whether you drive a VW ID3, ID4, ID6, Audi Etrone Q2,Q4, Q5, Toyota, Honda, Tesla, Volvo, Porsche, or any other electric model, we have the expertise to keep it running smoothly.

Discover why Electro Fixr is the go-to destination for all your electric car maintenance and insurance needs. Experience peace of mind like never before as you embark on your eco-friendly journey with us. Explore our services, learn more about our commitment to excellence, and trust us to electrify your driving experience.Audi

Our Services

Elevate your electric car experience with Electro Fixr, offering expert maintenance, extended warranty insurance, battery optimization, and charging support.


Electric Car Maintenance

Keep Your EV in Pristine Condition

Trust our certified technicians to provide comprehensive maintenance services exclusively designed for electric vehicles. From routine check-ups to complex repairs, we ensure your electric car stays in peak performance, so you can enjoy a smooth and worry-free ride.


Extended Warranty Insurance

Peace of Mind for Your EV Investment

Safeguard your electric car against unexpected repairs with our extended warranty insurance. Our coverage offers protection that goes beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, giving you confidence and financial security as you navigate the world of electric driving.


Battery Health Optimization

Maximize Your EV’s Range and Efficiency

Your EV’s battery is its heart and soul. Our experts specialize in battery health optimization, ensuring you get the most out of your electric car’s range and efficiency. Count on us to keep your battery performing at its best.

Latest products

Empower Your EV Journey Anywhere, Anytime, with Our Portable Chargers, DC Charging Stations, Spare Parts and Accessories.


Portable EV Charger

Charge up your electric vehicle on-the-go with our cutting-edge portable EV chargers. Designed for convenience and mobility, our chargers are your perfect travel companion, ensuring your EV stays powered wherever your adventures take you. Stay connected to the electric future with ease and reliability. Get yours today


DC Charging Station

Experience lightning-fast charging with our state-of-the-art DC charging stations. Revolutionize your electric vehicle charging experience with high-speed, efficient charging solutions. Designed for convenience and reliability, our DC stations are your key to rapid power replenishment, getting you back on the road in no time. Power up for the future of driving


Spare Parts & Accessories

Explore our extensive collection of top-notch spare parts and accessories. From essentials to enhancements, we’ve got everything you need to maintain and personalize your vehicle:  Complete bumpers, mirrors, head lights, AC filters, tires etc…

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